We aim to pack your box with the same produce we would pick to take home and cook for our family.

Here is a collection of comments from our happy customers who are vital to our success.


Hello Scott, The order was delivered this morning by a very cheerful courier  - everything was beautifully packed by store/Jacqui (including my avocados sitting on top in little nests of paper!) and the produce is absolutely superb looking, so fresh and beautiful!  Thank you!
Thanks for your wonderful produce and superb business model.  I look forward to purchasing again from you if you keep doing the outer deliveries, and I’m forwarding your shop email to a few friends as well. Kind Regards Fiona


Dear Scott,

I just want to say a huge thank for the job you and your team are doing.
I'm super grateful and full of admiration.
Warm wishes, Philipa

Hi Scott,
Thank you for taking my request into consideration. I realise you have big job sorting all the details for the home delivery service, on top of running your shops. I understand if you are unable to meet my needs, but if you can that would be great! You and your team are providing excellent service and doing a great job.




Thank-you for the delivery to my sick mum. She was delighted and overwhelmed. Her comments were that she had never seen fruit looking so vibrant , healthy & smelling so divine. Tasting it was a new culinary experience for her as she had never had organics like this. I hope she starts to enjoy eating fruit again! Service was amazing - and a great courier too! They delivered to mums door & carried it inside, even offering to help her unpack it. Amazing! Thanks so very much. xx





Hi there, just letting you know that we received our first home delivery yesterday and was extremely happy with all that was supplied. I could not have asked for anything better, looking forward to ordering regularly once we return from holidays in 2 weeks.


Thankyou very much





I just wanted to quickly thank you for my first delivery of deliciousness.  What a great service you provide.  The produce is amazing, it was delicately packed and delivered with a smile.  Of late, I have felt sick handing money over to the big chain supermarkets for bad quality, old and poorly sourced organic produce.  Today, when your box arrived, it felt right.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide amazing, local and ethical organic produce to feed my children and family.  We are all very grateful.

Have a great day.




I received my first order this morning and it's FABULOUS!. Couldn't be happier and a big thank you for the wonderful book too.

Kind regards,




Just wanted to let you know that I received my first box of fruit and vegies home delivered today and I am totally impressed - A HUGE thanks. I will definitely be a returning customer and special thanks for the discount and the free book. I didn't know what to do first - eat my new load of wonderful food or read the book - both worth getting my teeth into as it were!!  I am not new to organic food but have been searching for a better way of shopping for organic fruit and veg - supermarket's are not so impressive and all that plastic wrap!!!!!! It really makes me cringe to buy organic in trays covered in plastic. Organic apples in a plastic tub covered with plastic again and so on. I am sure you understand where I am coming from. So I have been 'trialing' home delivery options from solely organic suppliers hence the reason why I have had a delivery from you guys. One day I might just come into the store myself and have a good poke about! I am happy to have stumbled across your door....
From a very happy customer - many many thanks and keep up the great work of supplying organic foods and getting the word out there.
Your new customer



(As a huge lover of Organic Wholefoods, I'm happy to add a testimonial to your page).
I was involved in a serious car accident late last year. Among the injuries is a shattered foot and I am still on crutches. My dear friend and house-mate was driving the car and also has a broken foot and still can not walk. It has been thanks to the Wholefoods delivery service that we have been able to maintain our independence and not lean too heavily on our one friend who has a car. The organic food itself has been vital to our healing and we are amused to note we are actually healthier now than we were prior to our ordeal. The anti-corporate aspect of supporting an independent, organic food business is also an important move to make in the face of the harsh practices and creepy franko-foods of the majors. Wholefoods' affiliation with the Weston A. Price approach makes it another obvious choice for us. I have tried other organic food delivery services and none of them offer the range (eg. cream! raw milk!) of Wholefoods, nor do they undercut the prices on fresh produce. When I am walking again I will continue to have my weekly supplies delivered, it has been a revelation in itself!



I would like to say that I'm really happy with the produce, for organic food it's really got some zest and flavour and you can really tell It's organic because the fruit and veggies don't look adulterated or oversized compared to say the organic produce I have tried at supermarkets like Coles, and it's definitely fresher! The service is fantastic, I was very impressed when Angus made his first delivery and said if I’m not happy to tell him and give any feedback, I felt like I was very looked after and thought this was a genuine company with individualised service.



I recently had major surgery and for a six week period I was unable to drive or lift heavy loads. During this time the delivery service was invaluable because I could continue to eat healthy food simply through make-ing my order online and then having it delivered to my doorstep or to my kitchen. It made the healing process a whole lot easier to manage.



Thank God for the Organic Wholefoods home delivery team!  We love our weekly delivery - the quality of the fruit and veg is superb and I no longer have to drag two small children around shopping which none of us were enjoying. The service is excellent, the website is easy to use, the costs are competitive and having organic fruit and veg home delivered is just wonderful.  The children love fossicking through the box when it arrives and choosing their favourites to eat.  Thank you to the team and well done on a great service.



I ordered last week for the first time and I am just about to re-order from you, in regards to the service, I was very happy with the service, I found the fruit and veg to be high quality, my kids loved the milk, a bit too much, two bottles were gone by the end of the day, so I may have to look at a larger quantity or brand without the cute cow on the label! I was very happy, thank you, and I will continue to purchase from you.



Hey Team,
Just wanted to a huge thank you for supplying my last order.....I appreciate all that you do for us.
Yours faithfully

I have been delighted with the service provided and quality of the food.



Dear Organic Wholefoods,
I was absolutely happy with everything. The packing was great as well as the quality.
I found your store just searching the web. I think I will order from you in the future.





 6 August 2020