About Scott

Organic Wholefoods was started by Melbourne born and bred food activist Scott Kinnear.

He is a passionate environmental and food campaigner who has been actively involved in the fight against genetically engineered foods and chemicals in food.  He was the founding Chair of the Organic Federation of Australia and has previously been a director or board member of Biological Farmers of Australia, Gene Ethics Network, Ceres, Hepburn Wind and the Organic Retailers & Growers Association. Scott is perhaps proudest of his work as one of an amazing team of community activists that helped stop logging in the Wombat State Forest.

We choose the best products we can find and choose team members that are passionate about food and customer service. Many of them are qualified naturopaths or nutritionists or students in these fields. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, tidiness, keeping your favorite products in stock, fast service at the check out and a huge range of customer club specials available in store. We select products which you won't find in the majors, support artisan and local food producers who care deeply about what they do.


Scott and his wife Vanessa have three children and live in the inner city. Scott has four children from a previous relationship.