Last newsletter (April 2020) we ran a competition to give away one of the ROC baking steels for the best Pizza recipe emailed in.
Click here to download the amazing recipes that our club members sent in!
Congratulations to Jayden (a keen baker) our winner and a huge thanks to all who sent in recipes. Click here to see all the pizza recipes emailed in so no excuse now not to buy up some of our flour and get baking!
By way of background in early April, Peter, one of our customers, dropped past to stock up on some of our Premium Wholegrain Milling Heritage Flours for his homemade slow rise pizza and sourdough bread. Adam, our Wholefoods team member, has been using this same flour to make pizza at home and loves it. Peter and Adam compared notes on the optimal flour for pizza, which is when we found out that Peter is the founder of ROC Baking Steel.
ROC Baking Steel create what can be described as a ‘pizza stone that will never crack’. However it’s not actually stone, it’s a thick piece of 10mm food grade mild steel laser cut to size. The Chefs at Modernist Cuisine have determined that cooking using this steel in a home oven is the next best thing to a commercial pizza oven! The pizza will be delicious and crispy and cook in minutes. Peter created a baking steel for himself three years ago and thought that it was so good for creating pizza and bread that it had to be shared - and ROC Baking Steel was born.
If you are interested in purchasing one of Peter's Baking Steels then visit his website and enter the promotion code "wholefoods" to get 10% discount.