Pick Up Orders - Updated September 2021

Firstly thanks very much for your consideration in trusting us to provide your food. 

Please read this information carefully. We have additional charges only to cover the cost of new boxes and freezer packs.
Please order online and for any items not on our website (it is a work in progress) please send an email to organic@wholefoods.com.au nominating the store and what day you would like to pick up from. If you are unable to do a pickup yourself, we suggest you try a friend, relative, neighbor or even Uber.
Orders are packed in the order received. If you get your order in by midday then we aim to have your order packed for pick up the same day. If you are sick or a member of the NDIS please let us know and we will prioritise your order.
We then make your order up and call you to take payment over the phone and to organise a pick up time to suit.
Please note:
1. Our staff wear gloves when making up your order. 
2. When you arrive feel free to call us from your car and we will bring your order out to you and put in your car or on the footpath next to your car. 
3. At busy times we will nominate a pick up time to spread pickups out. 
4. Payment via credit card over the phone is entered directly into our Eftpos terminal. No numbers are stored.
5. We do not charge you until we have added up your order on our Point Of Sale - you get the receipt from the POS. This accounts for actual cost of products, for example we cannot weigh precisely 1kg of apples though we do aim to be within 15% of the weight requested. Also there may be out of stocks. Staff will call to discuss add ons in this case.  
6. We are unable to accept returned boxes due to the risk of the virus. 
7. We have a box charge of $2 per brand new box and $1 for freezer packs.
8. Our website is a work in progress and we are adding and updating regularly. We thank you for your patience. We thank you for  your patience and please send emails for items you love that are not on there in addition to any orders placed on our website.
9. Not all items are available at all stores. 
10. Please send us any additional items you cannot find on the website in the "Your Notice To Us Box" which shows up during checkout, or please send an additional email. 
11. Fresh produce prices and availability are updated daily so some prices may change from when you ordered. You pay the price on our till on the day.
Best wishes,
Scott & Vanessa & Our Team