stevia 250tabs nirvana organic

Nirvana Stevia® tablets have been developed and formulated with extensive research to ensure the purest, highest quality and superior tasting Stevia product, which is also easy to use.

Only the most natural, highest quality, non-GMO materials have been selected, to provide a healthy, caloric-safe and great tasting product for everyone to enjoy. Most people love the taste of a good quality Stevia product. High quality Stevia extract does not have the grassy or slightly bitter after-taste that has been reported with the use of some Stevia.  Each tablet is approximately equivalent to the sweetness of (7g), or 1 heaped teaspoon of sugar.

Nirvana Stevia® has no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no fat, no wheat, no yeast, no soy, no milk derivatives, no added flavours, no artificial colourings and no toxic chemicals. ENJOY!

Australia’s Favourite All-Natural Alternative to Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners  that is actually good for you and tastes great too!

Stevia is a 100% natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners and at Nirvana  Organics® our Stevia is the best  tasting and highest quality product on the market. Stevia,  found in the leaves of the Stevia  rebaudiana Bertoni plant, has been used for centuries in South   America, and now the secret of this deliciously  sweet herb has spread to the rest of the world.   Nirvana Organics® superior Stevia is certified organic and has been grown, processed and extracted without the use of chemicals,  making it the healthy substitute  to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

With no calories or  carbohydrates, and a Zero GI, Stevia has become the new product of choice  for those wishing to control their  blood-sugar levels and for followers  of weight management programs. Now you can have the sweet taste you love,  without the worries of calories, carbs, spikes in blood-sugar levels or nasty  additives! 

Our chemical-free Stevia is  available in tablets, liquid concentrates, 100% pure extract powder and our new easy-measure spoonable powder.  With a diverse range of strengths, packaging  and dispensing options, Nirvana Organics® has  all your Stevia needs covered, and we are sure we have the perfect naturally sweet Stevia for you!

•100% natural, certified organic and has NO  NASTY additives • Highest quality and best tasting Stevia on  the market • Ideal for weight-management and blood-sugar  levels • Available in tablets, liquid concentrates,  100% pure extract powder and NEW easy- measure SPOONABLE STEVIA powder • Easy, innovative and convenient packaging  options– great for busy people on the go! Manufactured/packed  in Australia  by an Australian owned company